Sex, Marriage, and Singleness, Part 3

Mar 1, 2020 • Mike Hubbard • Series: DysFunctional Grace

At this time in the history of our faith, nothing puts us in the crosshairs of our culture more than the sexual ethic set forth in the Scriptures. At every level, our culture is telling us that we must abandon the ideals set forth in the Scriptures and embrace sexual freedom. Nothing new here, every culture has a sexual ethic and values that contradict the Biblical prescription. But more than this, the ease and accessibility of sexual temptations makes the challenge of living holy lives difficult. We are sexual beings and our sexuality is an incredible gift given by God. His desire is to display His glory through people who receive this as a gift, but whose lives are different from the world. So, how do we remain faithful to God's call to holy sexuality? First, we have to know our identity in Christ and trust in His grace and goodness. Second, as Paul makes clear, we need to run away, rather than running to, our temptations. We need help and community to make this happen.

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