Small Town Proposal

Dec 17, 2023 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Ruthless

As we continue in Ruth 3 this morning, the focus of our story is an unusual proposal. Boaz's kindness and attention spurns an interesting plan initiated by Naomi to be carried out by Ruth. In the previous chapter we were introduced to Boaz, a great guy who could marry Ruth and rescue the family. But like so many guys, he seems to be unaware of the opportunity in front of him and drags his feet to initiate a relationship. So, the budding love story takes a crazy turn as Ruth proposes to Boaz in the most bizarre way. The story is beautiful---a couple moving to marriage and a family being restored. But the story also paints a picture of and points us to another covenant marriage, and a True and Better Groom who pursues and redeems His bride.

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