So That the Good News Gets Out

Dec 1, 2019 • Mike Hubbard • Series: So that…

We could all use a little good news; we have no shortage of bad news, and hope runs low. Matters not where you get your news, it will be, for the most part, depressing and hopeless. The angels appeared to shepherds preaching good news offering hope to all people. The good news was about a baby that had been born, but this was no ordinary baby. With the birth of Jesus, the Kingdom of God was about to burst into the world. Jesus' public ministry begins in the region of Galilee and included preaching and miracles. The miracles demonstrate the explosion of grace as the True King has arrived. The preaching of Jesus echoed the words of the angels at His birth---the Kingdom has come, good news for all people. Jesus said that preaching this good news is the very reason He came into the world. This Kingdom is good news with great hope for shepherds, for sick people, for those with demons, and for us.

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