So That the Law May Be Fulfilled

Dec 15, 2019 • Darin Slater • Series: So that…

As we move through our Advent series, we continue to talk about why Jesus came to this earth. By becoming flesh and dwelling with us, He took upon Himself the entirety of the requirements of being a Jew. And, not only did He do everything required of Him, down to the smallest dot of the I and cross of the T, He also fulfilled those things for us! Last week we talked about how Jesus became a ransom for us; this week, we will talk about how He eliminates, for all time, the idea that we can earn our salvation by keeping the rules. Instead of working ourselves to death trying to prove our worth to God and earn His favor (like all other religions), Christianity teaches Jesus once and for all worked Himself to death on our behalf, and gives us His worth in place of our unworthiness. Today, we will see how this works as we study how Jesus, on our behalf, fulfills the law and gives us a reason for Joy in this Christmas season.

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