Sola Scriptura: Isn’t The Bible Just An Old Outdated Book?

Jan 18, 2009 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Solo Scriptura

Every once in a while I will hear the sentiment that it is a waste of time to read and study the Bible because it is just an ancient book with little relevance for our lives today. I will hear people say, "It is full of weird stories, ancient history, and a whole bunch of rules that don't really affect me." I usually respond by asking these people how much of the Bible they have actually read, and the response most of the time is that they haven't read much at all. It is funny how some people find the Bible to be little more than an old book, while others find their life purpose and meaning in the pages of the Scriptures. This morning we will be looking at some evidences that the Bible is so much more than the musings of some ancient people about their version of the divine. Rather, it is the very communication and revelation of God.

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