Supralapsarianism or Infralapsarianism?

Jul 21, 2013 • Weston Ely • Series: Top Ten 2013

Scriptures present the doctrine of election as a great comfort that helps Christians embrace the magnitude of God's grace, moving them to humility, confidence, joy, praise, faithfulness, and holiness. While we do not know whom God has chosen, we do know if we had not been chosen for life we would still remain in sin and separated from God. The question today deals with when did God choose the elect, and how did He make this choice. The doctrine is widely debated and often controversial. Weston will present his position today, but the encouragement for all is to use the doctrine of election to drive us to humility before God, confidence in God, joy in God, praise of God, faithfulness to God, and holiness in our lives by His grace.

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