The Baptizer

Oct 9, 2016 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Believe

For the most part, the beginning of our story starts with the moment we were born. Yeah, your parents had a growing anticipation of your coming for nine months, but we really don't have much of a back story. Jesus, on the other hand, has a huge back story. For centuries, God sent these guys called the prophets, who gave glimpses into the life of God's anointed Messiah who would one day come into the world. Their words gave a picture of Jesus' life and reminded the Hebrews that His coming into the world was their only hope. John the Baptist is the last Old Testament prophet, but his message is consistent with all the prophets pointing to the moment when the Messiah would be revealed. But, for him, rather than looking forward for years, he was anticipating the revelation of Jesus in minutes. And John's message connects the Word of the Lord given by the prophets to the coming of Jesus as the Word made flesh.

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