The Gift of Joy

Dec 11, 2022 • Mike Hubbard • Series: All I Want for Christmas

Philosopher Blaise Pascal stated that all men seek happiness, this is without exception. Seems fairly obvious---we all want to be happy. Our problem is not that we want to be happy, but what we pursue to find happiness, then discovering that it is incredibly illusive. The objects, relationships, and pursuits that promise happiness fail to deliver, and our experience in the world seems to be filled with grief. Yet, the promise of Christmas was the birth of a King who would bring us infinite joy. The grace of God, which came to us because of the Christmas story, puts us in a place where the joy of the Lord fills our lives because we are plugged into the source of ultimate delight. This joy meets us in our doubts, our struggles, and in our journey. So, today we light the Joy Candle and remember that the message of Jesus is great joy offered to all people.

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