The God Who Gives Grace

May 3, 2015 • Mike Hubbard • Series: I Am

What a great story! God has rescued His people and they know their God. Moses is up on Mount Sinai receiving God's Word for His people. Seems like everything in Exodus is going to work out great. The problem is that in the valley the Hebrews are losing their mind, pretty much breaking all of the commandments. The valley below looks more like Las Vegas than Sunday church. How can they abandon God so quickly, turn to idols, and absolutely disobey everything they have been commanded? Easy to judge, because, of course, we would never do that. Truth is that the Bible is so real because it is honest about the failure and flaws of people, and the absolute need for grace. But, the Golden Calf story also reminds us that our prayer matters as we pray for fallen and broken people.

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