The Gospel and Our Idols, Part 1

Oct 23, 2022 • Mike Hubbard • Series: To Be Continued…

Paul's third missionary journey brings him back to Ephesus, where he preaches Jesus to a group of John the Baptist's disciples who have not yet heard of the Holy Spirit. Paul then reasons about Jesus in the synagogue and a lecture hall. The story takes a bizarre turn though, when some itinerant Jewish exorcists (that sounds fun) show up seeking to do miracles like Paul in the name of Jesus. Their story ends with a demon possessed man beating these charlatans up, then sending them out naked and ashamed in the streets. Front and center in the story is the reality that magical spirituality and idolatry is a real problem in Ephesus. Idols are anything that challenges Jesus for supremacy in our lives and gives a sense of identity outside of the Gospel. The Sons of Sceva had a religious idolatry rooted in their desire to control the spiritual world for fame. Others sought the fulfillment of all their hopes and dreams through magic arts. Yet, the preaching of the Gospel confronts these and all idols and calls us to identify them, kill them, and lay them at the feet of Jesus, which is exactly what happens for a myriad of people in Ephesus at an incredibly great cost. This morning we will take a look at the Gospel and our idols.

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