The Law and Systems of Morality

Apr 3, 2011 • Weston Ely • Series: Follow the Leader

Everyone likes to think they are a good person. We create systems of morality that emphasize our best characteristics and minimize our worst. If we are not conflicted with greed but struggle with gossip, our system of morality will value charity and judge stealing or hording. However, when it comes to gossip we will turn a blind eye to hurtful effects of spreading rumors. The problem with creating these systems is that it will inevitably exclude those whose struggles are different from your own as morally flawed. What does the Bible say about these systems of morality? Does the Bible create groups of defiled and undefiled people? We will continue our series Follow the Leader: The Gospel of Mark today, with Weston Ely preaching from a passage that begins with a conflict with Jesus and the religious people over the rules and laws and ends with Jesus explaining what it is that actually makes a person guilty.

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