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Mar 4, 2012 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Becoming Who You Are

Weekend at Bernie's was an 80's comedy with a strange storyline. The humor of the movie is found in the story of two guys who spend the weekend trying to convince everyone that their boss, who has died, is still alive. They jump through all kinds of hoops and create all sorts of contraptions to prop Bernie up, and make it look like he is still among the living. But, of course, Bernie is dead, and can't do the things that the living do. In the first couple of chapters of Ephesians, Paul is trying to help us understand the depths of grace. His desire is for followers of Jesus to understand just how far the grace of God has reached to save us and how amazing the riches are in life. Chapter two begins with one of the clearest descriptions of the condition of people who are on their own, apart from Christ. Paul reminds us that we are very much like Bernie, we are dead and unable to do the very things we were created to do. Yet, this chapter contains the two most important and significant words in the entire Bible, "But God..." Our hope is wrapped up in those two words, and the results are nothing short of wonderful.

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