The Way Forward

Nov 12, 2023 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Due Justice

It is a simple yet complex question: "What does the Lord require of you?" This is a question many people want answered. People are spiritual and religious and, for the most part, they want their leaders and gurus to give them the rituals and activities necessary for acceptance by God. The Jews in Israel at the time of Micah were no different. So far, Micah's prophecy has given an indictment for God's people and then pointed to the birth of a King in Bethlehem as the ultimate source of hope. Chapter six comes to them with a simple proposal to answer this question. Religious activity is worthless unless it changes the structure of our hearts and the way we love and care for people in the world. The people who have been rescued by God should reflect His values, character, and attitudes in the culture around them. We live in a world full of deceit, oppression, and injustice. Will the people of God be nothing more than a reflection of the world around them or will they stand in stark contrast? The way forward is to hear the call to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God. This is the way the people of God offer the only hope for our world.

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