To the Brim

Jul 1, 2012 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Becoming Who You Are

I was so hungry, and had meat on the mind---a big juicy steak. They were prepped and ready to go, so I went out to start the grill. While I appreciate the finer points of charcoal grilling, the ease of turning a nob and firing up the gas makes life so much easier, that is most of the time. I turned nobs, nothing. Pushed the nob to get the igniter going. Nothing. Smelled a little gas, so I thought it just needed a bit of help, so I used a lighter. Nothing. Got underneath it to shake the lines and tried again. Nothing. Lifted the tank, it seemed full, and checked to make sure the gas on tank was open. Still nothing. That grill had everything in place to do what it was created to do, but my steaks were still cold. Then I twisted the tank and saw the problem. The hose had been disconnected from the tank. Without being connected to the source of power there will be no cooking. As humans we have the same problem. Without being filled with the source of our power to live, there will be no victory, no overcoming, no joy. In our passage from Ephesians, Paul is about to tell us the key to the whole Christian life, so check the nozzle!

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