To The Gentiles Also

Jul 10, 2022 • Mike Hubbard • Series: To Be Continued…

From the earliest part of the Biblical story God indicated that His plan was the blessing of all nations through His covenant of grace. Yet, until the story in Acts 10, the only people of God were descendants of Abraham or those who converted to Judaism. Our story this week represents a radical change in God's grand narrative of salvation, resulting in the inclusion of the first Gentiles (non-Jews) into the Kingdom and people of God. The long passage begins with visions by two men. God speaks to Peter, changing his heart toward Gentile people. At the same time, a Roman Centurion named Cornelius has a vision causing him to seek out Peter. This beautiful story leads to the conversion and gift of the Holy Spirit to the first Gentile. This paves the way for us to be included in the people of God and His glorious purpose on earth. It also reminds those of us who have been included in the people of God that we are to love and pursue all people, and that we cannot allow any human barriers to keep us from representing Jesus to the world.

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