Jan 27, 2019 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Eat This Book

Fine dining requires a bit of etiquette. Great meals do not come in a cardboard box with fries and a large drink---and there are no clowns promoting the establishment or toys for kids. To eat at a great restaurant, we must use the right utensils. And, if it is a five star establishment, you have to know which fork or spoon goes with what course. Reading the Bible can be difficult, but thankfully we live in a time where there are more resources and plans available than at any previous time in history. These resources can lead us to rightfully interpret what we are reading, as well as give us a plan to implement, and commentary for when we don't understand. Our goal today is to give as many practical utensils as we can for Bible reading and intake, and in doing so, help each of us develop a clear and specific plan for our own personal dining on the feast of God's Word for 2019.

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