We Listen Because We Like It

Feb 9, 2014 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Toxic

Samuel Curtis Upham may be the most important person in Civil War history that you do not know. A northern patriot, Upham devised a plan that would deeply harm the South's economy while making a financial windfall. He became a counterfeiter of Confederate money, selling fake bills to southerners at a fraction of the face value on the bill. Of course they looked real, and none of his advertising mentioned that they were counterfeit. But, he knew people would go crazy with the prospect of getting money the easy way. The counterfeit bill flooded the southern economy, and undermined the value of their cash. In his letter, Peter warns us that counterfeit Gospels are incredibly toxic, and following false teachers has much deeper repercussions in our lives than the value of a dollar bill.

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