What Did Jesus Accomplish On The Cross? - He Is My Resurrection

Nov 20, 2011 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Follow the Leader

It normally doesn't happen this way. Generally, when you attend a person's funeral on Friday, you don't have lunch with them next week. While the resurrection story is part of the Christian faith, and therefore has become familiar to most of us, the reality is that people don't rise from the dead. Not now, not then. Jesus had been brutally beaten, then crucified in an inhumane execution. A Roman soldier who had participated in numerous crucifixions confirmed Jesus' death, and even made sure he had died by running his heart sack with a spear. They took Jesus' body down off of the cross and wrapped it in burial cloths that could have weighed as much as 100 lbs. and then laid him in a tomb cut in the side of a cliff, with a massive rock rolled in front of the door. Then, on the third day, a group of women come to the tomb to find something they were not expecting. The stone is rolled away and Jesus is alive! To be honest, if this is a hoax, it is the worst one in history. But if the story told in Mark and the other Gospels is true, it changes everything. It confirms Jesus' identity and brings with it the promise that all who follow Him in life and death will also follow Him resurrection.

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