What Did Jesus Accomplish On The Cross? - He Is My Victory

Oct 16, 2011 • Mike Hubbard • Series: Follow the Leader

Mark 14:43-50 proceeds from the account where Jesus spent the night praying in a garden. He was wrestling with the implications of the events that would soon follow; namely experiencing separation from God the Father. Jesus concluded his prayer by submitting to the Father's will then he arose and waited for the forces that were coming against him. Moments later Judas, Jesus' friend and disciple, lead a group of religious authorities to arrest Jesus. By all accounts it appeared as though Jesus was about to lose all he had worked for and the forces that sought his demise would gain victory over him. However, Jesus does not resist nor does he cower from his pursuers. Instead Jesus goes with them quietly so that Scripture may be fulfilled and ultimately he would prove victorious over his enemies. Today we will seek to answer the question, "what does the victory of Jesus over his enemies accomplish and how does the victory of Jesus impact my life?"

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